I never really know how to start these off.  I like to think that we are having a continual conversation, albeit a tad bit one sided–sorry I’m long winded; but a conversation nonetheless.  So, I guess we could simply pick up where we left off?  (I am taking a risk by assuming all those reading this post have read previous posts…but risk equals a reward right–subliminal messaging to read previous posts–haha.)
Accountability.  Causes a few of us to cringe–I know it does me at times.  I love the idea and concept of accountability; yet there are often times when I loathe it in execution.  The reason being I am grimacing about the accountability: I’m likely going against goals I have set out for myself. Example: Goal-wanting to read an entire book in a month (yes this is an actual goal of mine right now).  Accountability check-asking “hey, how is that book coming along?”  I can set up goals and make grand plans of how I am going to achieve them, but without a solid group of people or a solid person to hold me accountable-I will stumble. I will not reach my potential. I will lose my focus.  I will not be as consistent in achieving my goals without their support.
This past week has been rough.  Not tough or challenging externally (life has been pretty routine–knock on wood), but my internal dialog and thoughts have been rough.  I have allowed, yes allowed (taking responsibility for my part here) to let my thoughts run rampant.  I have allowed negative thoughts a lot more stage time, focus and energy than necessary.  Negative thoughts and energy spent in that mind space won’t help me reach my goals.  If anything, being in a state of negative thinking will only derail me and make reaching my goals that much more difficult.  The thoughts of “I can’t….”, “what if…..”, “How could I even think…”–you get the idea.  So, what does one do?  For me, I am blessed with one amazing network of friends who have this astounding ability to get me out of my own dang way.  These female power houses I get the joy of calling my friends (more like sisters really) speak truth into my life and are always in my corner.  They have the ability to cut through the noise and nonsense that is not of God and help me refocus on what is truth.  When we are feeling emotionally low, I truly feel we are then more vulnerable to believing the lies that Satan wants us to believe about our abilities. He knows what will cut us to the core and will use it to his advantage too–to make us feel inadequate, to make us feel useless, to make us feel we can’t make any bit of difference, so why even try.  Satan wants nothing more than for you and I to lose our focus and determination to achieve the goals we have set out–whatever those goals are, no matter how big or small or personal or spiritual or business or relational.  You see, if we all are operating at our fullest potential and doing so with joy and love in our hearts then this world is gonna be set ablaze with peace and kindness.  That is sooooooooo not the devil’s MO ya’ll.  He wants nothing more than us believing we are ill equipped to change anything about anything or make any sort of impact for the better and that everyone is out to get everyone else and blah blah blah–negative noise.  And this past week, I fell prey to not being able to cut through the nonsense and see clearly.
 I am so blessed and thankful to have my people that I can rely on who will help me to get out of my own way.  Those who I can truly trust, who know me and my pitfalls, who will help me regain focus on what is true.  Those who pick me up when I am down; but also those who will also give me the good kick in the rump when I need one of those too.  I am and forever will be indebted to these friends of mine for taking my “hot-mess-express-party-of-one” on and accepting me as I am–flaws and all.
Do you have that? Do you have a person or network of people in your inner circle to hold you accountable?
Friend, (I feel maybe we are at that level to where I can refer to you as such) I truly hope you have someone who can hold you accountable for the goals you have established.  Someone who truly wants to see you succeed and has your back. Someone who is willing to tell you when you need to put the pedal to the metal and give it all you’ve got; someone who will also tell you to “suck it up buttercup” for the challenge is part of the journey. Someone who will tell you in moments of discouragement, you are stronger than this moment.  Someone who will be your biggest cheerleader no matter how big or small the event in your life.  Someone to hold you accountable to your fullest potential.  Someone who will help you along the way.
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17
Until next time….



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