Pressing On…

So the season opener to the holiday & Christmas season is upon us folks for tomorrow is: Thanksgiving.  Following that we have the preparations of Hanukah, Christmas, then New Year’s, and then before we even realize, it will be 2017.
 While this time of year is one filled with joy and excitement (some of ya may be stressing out just thinking about “the holidays”) for others it marks a time in which all focus and drive towards reaching goals gets tossed haphazardly to the way side until January when low and behold our pants (or trousers for those UK folks–see, I’m learning) no longer fit. Then, we begin this song and dance of New Year’s Resolution madness.
For some of you, this may not apply as you have the discipline and drive of a well oiled machine ready for battle.  I tip my hat to you and say, kudos; for your lot is among the few.  The rest of us will need a bit of your sides dedication, so if you don’t mind sharing “that’d be great” (Office Space reference, anyone?).  To ensure our goals continue on according to our plan, we will need to be a bit more strategic in our methods as we navigate the onslaught of Christmas parties, office pot luck lunches, special treats brought to us by our do good neighbors, and all of those kids school parties which result in candy being brought home by the truckloads.  Oh and not to mention the holiday and Christmas family recipes which must be made.  I am not sitting here telling you to become Ebeneezer Scrooge and boycott all fun this time of year; please eat, drink, and be thankful & merry.  However, I am going to challenging you to not lose sight and focus of the goals you have set for yourself.
Well, Erin, how am I supposed to do that?!? I am so glad you asked.  I have some fairly easy tips below on how you can remain focused and diligent:
1. Write down your goals and place them in an area where you’ll see them as a daily reminder.
MXLLSGrandma's Watching
2. Keep it lean and green at parties (lean proteins and green veggies).
3. Have the “real deal” on the actual holiday (besides your great grandma’s stuffing recipe is 100% better than the office potluck stuffing–no offense to whoever signed up for stuffing).
4. Stay hydrated–Water–this will not only help keep you feeling full, but this will also help to flush out additional sodium in your system AND keep that water retention/bloat down.
5. Monitor your alcohol intake–while the holiday/Christmas season can be higher stress, be mindful of the additional calories those fancy cocktails can pack.
6. Move your body–yes it’s colder, yes the house is cozy, yes yoga pants are stretchy; but get your body moving for at least 30min to get that blood pumping.
7. Healthy alternatives–whether that be you bring a healthier contribution to the social event OR keep a healthy snack in your purse/car/desk to combat the temptation.
Below is a recipe I found for “Protein Bites” on @iheartmacros (via Instagram) and I thought I’d share the wealth because these are now becoming a stable in our house and are husband and child approved.  I say that they’re husband and child approved because I have made some “healthy” items before to which the response was “these taste healthy” along with a face that expressed the message “do not make these again or encourage me to eat them because eww.” (If you heard that the way Jimmy Fallon says it, then we can be buddies.)  I truly feel that you shouldn’t have to suffer to eat healthfully–because if it tastes gross then the journey to reaching your goals will be that much more difficult.  (“Ain’t got time fo dat.”)
Protein Bites (for a double batch):  *yields roughly 24 bites*
*4 scoops GNC Whey Protein (2 scoops of chocolate/2 scoops vanilla)
*1c Oats
*1c peanut butter
*Soy milk (enough to form a dough)
Mix all ingredients together and form into 25g bites.  Keep refrigerated.
85cal/6.5gP/4gC/4.5gF (per 25g)
(Now,  the macronutrients (protein/carbs/fats) & calories per bite may alter slightly based on the brand of ingredient you choose to use.)
**Additionally, PAY ATTENTION HERE if you’re local to the Bellevue, NE area head on over to the Hanson Family owned GNC  (Twin Creek/Shadow Lake/Village Point/Lincoln locations) for they are having one AMAZING SALE this week–get some great healthy options to prepare yourself.  They ship nationally and ship FREE to APO addresses.  I know I’ve already put my order in…shhhh….don’t let the husband know (insert smiley face emoji here). They’re a great family run store who truly have their customers best interest in mind.

Stay focused, friends.  Our goals are just as important today, as the day we initially made them.

“…Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal…” (Phil. 4:12-14)
Until next time….



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