Change.  Uncharted territory.  The unfamiliar.  Yep, I am not good with change.  Positive change; negative change; change is change, is change and it all means I’m most likely about to be evicted from my comfort zone.  Inevitably, it all works out well (often times far better than anything I could have planned) for all involved and I am able to reflect and see God’s masterful plan in action.  However, in the midst of the perceived chaos I tend to not be a very happy camper.  I am a creature of habit and thrive best (in my opinion) through structure, routine, consistency, and lists. (Anyone else intentionally write lists to feel the satisfaction of crossing items off said list???  Me too; I also have been known to add items already done to said list for the sheer pleasure of drawing a line through the item.)  I am not saying I am Type A or anything, but I’m not NOT saying it either–how’d I do Nick on that double negative?? Want to know something ironically funny?  I married a military man….talk about God’s sense of humor.  Am I right?
I think it is safe to assume that if we have lived past the age of five, we know life is full of change.  New school; leaving home for the first time; college; marriage; babies; new jobs; going back to school; grandchildren; the passing of a loved one; moving, etc.  Not all change is “bad.” Some change is inevitable simply for the fact they’re automatic life adjustments–unless you’re planning to live with your parents forever and never move out of their house.  Why is it when change happens, we don’t automatically begin jumping for joy at the potential opportunity staring us in the face?  Maybe, for some of you, that is exactly what you do–you leap with excitement at any change that comes your way.  I wish I reacted that way.  When circumstances arise in which I am forced to relinquish control–no matter how small–on my little world, I find my natural reaction is to cautiously shy away from the change; as opposed to running towards it with excitement at all the possibilities.  Change can sometimes mean I am going to have to adjust my routine, my behavior, my actions–don’t we all just love it when life results in us having to be a bit uncomfortable?!?!  However, with momentary discomfort, the outcome is most often more amazing than we could have imagined possible.
A few weeks back we decided to go to the local park so the child could get some of those energies out (kids are full of energy).  Since the child has yet to fully master her bike, we thought what a great opportunity for practice–ride the bike to the park and bonus all of the biking and playing will result in a tired child come evening time.  Where we live isn’t all that “hilly” but the route to the park does have some inclines that can take their toll on little legs–but it’s not like it’s Mt. Everest or anything.  Ya’ll the wailing and the whining that was coming out of the child all the way to the park, you would’ve thought we were making her bike up Everest with shoes made of nails.  Crying and whining.  Whining and crying. “Daddy, I can’t!  I’m gonna fall.”  “No, you won’t fall.  I’ve got you.  Keep going.”  “Daddy, I can’t!  I’m tired.”  “No, you won’t fall.  I’ve got you.  Keep going.”  “Daddy, this is too hard.”  “No, you won’t fall.  I’ve got you.  Keep going.”  In this very moment I was hit like a brick in the gut, is this how we sound to God above whenever something is new or different or challenging us to change?  The crying out? The whining?  The perception that we can’t do ‘X’ because it’s going to be too hard or too scary or too different or too much and mentally we have already given up?  In hearing the husband continuously give support and encouragement to the child in the moment where she felt scared and was unsure of her ability, I literally felt this wave of emotion as if I was being told “No, you won’t fall.  I’ve got you.  Keep going.” by the Lord above.  You see what I’ve not told you is that weeks before this trip to the park, a major life change happened for our family–an overseas move.  Talk about having your apple cart overturned.  Uncharted territory for sure.  My little word was rocked and went from being comfortable to being unknown.  Leaving the friends who had become our family; leaving a “job” that never once felt like one and has helped me grow as a person (a tale for another day), and the familiarity of where we had lived for the past 8 years.
What if we were to go into every season of change with the attitude that “No, you won’t fall.  I’ve got you.  Keep going.”  Could you imagine the possibilities?  Oh I think we would each be able to overcome insurmountable odds and surpass the goals we have set for ourselves.  To see the possible as opposed to the impossible. So, let me take this moment to challenge you to change.  To set a goal for yourself that you want to achieve over the next 40 days.  My dear friend, Naviere, is hosting a “40 Day Fit” challenge open to anyone wanting support and accountability towards achieving a goal over the next 40 days.  No fees.  No strings.  No pyramid scheme.  Just the personal desire to set a goal for yourself and achieve it.  The goal does not necessarily need to be a fitness related goal, but a goal that will force you to take active steps to becoming the best version of you that you can be.  Now that being said, this does mean that most likely you’ll have to change something about your current behavior  to achieve this goal; BUT remember, dear friend: “No, you won’t fall.  I’ve got you.  Keep going.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-14.)
Until next time….
PS: follow Naviere on the IG: @mrsbossl8ee or on the Facebook: Naviere Walkewicz to get more details on the challenge & motivation from one amazing human being! #40dayfit #fitssentials #teamfits

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