The Vacuum

Hey ya’ll!  How has it been going for you?  Last we chatted I was embarking on my second child free trip back to the Big O and was feeling a bit nervous about it.  Well, let me give you the glorious Cliff’s Notes version of the trip (another blog post I’ll go into more details for ya). It. Was. Amazing.  I was able to have quality time with friends (who are really family); laugh a lot; cry a bit; listen; sweat during amazing workouts with those striving for similar goals; hit up some favorite American shops; basically had the opportunity to refocus and be encouraged by those special folks.  Additionally, the husband and child did great and despite one tearful Facetime (quickly stopped when shown a surprise being brought back) they rocked their mama free week as well. Gold stars all around.

So on to today’s topic for discussion: Do ya’ll have a favorite chore?

I know right now the likelihood is I sound like a legitimate crazy woman to a few of you for simply presenting that question as an opening topic idea; but, hear me out.  I love to vacuum and mop.  Truly.  There is something in the way the vacuum will suck up all the nonsense and mess off the floor and effortlessly leave behind a paved clean trail that is so calming to me.  Life can get chaotic at times and everything can seem be unraveling and yet I can bust out that vacuum and voila–somehow all seems to be back in order and under control.  Wow, now that I have written that out I feel I sound like a wackadoo.  I promise I am not and there are many things in my life that offer a similar sense of calming reassurance: my family, Bible passages, workouts, etc. However, there is something reassuring when the space you’re living in is all in order, neat, and tidy–even when life itself seems overwhelming.

What do you do or have that affords you that calm amidst some of life’s storms?  I was actually vacuuming the other day when this idea hit me and how profound it is.  Think about it.  The floor is a mess.  Spotted with dirt, fuzz, and Lord only knows what else.  You want to make it right. Put it back in order. Make it like new again.  So you bust out the handy vacuum cleaner and you’re on your way.  Plug it in.  Turn it on.  Then vrrrrooommmmm and with a few passes over the floor, it’s as if the mess was never there in the first place.  All clean and like new–at least until the next mess occurs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some massive vacuum would come along and make the overwhelming/chaotic/unthinkable/stressful life moments seamlessly go away?  To remove this mess from our lives so easily-no stress, no fuss, no chaos; just gone.  Like magic.  Wishful thinking, I know.  Throughout our lives we are going to experience circumstances that will not be pleasant to some degree.  There will be those messes that are easily cleaned up and life goes on; and there will be those messes that change our lives.  I truly believe that with any and every situation presented to us, we have the potential to grow and learn something about ourselves–or maybe that is simply my optimistic approach whenever I am face to face with a  challenge.  So, then what do we do? How are we to overcome these life moments?  How are we to be positive during a trying situation when the likelihood is we want to curl up in a ball or throat punch someone?  Truth be told–I have no idea.  I wish I could offer more guidance and words of wisdom for you; but I literally have no idea what we are to do when we are put through the refiner’s fire.  There are some things that I try and do whenever I am in the midst of a trying situation:

  • focus on the positive and what I can control versus what is out of my control
  • cling to those who have my best interest at heart: family, friends, etc.
  • focus energy into healthy outlets: working out, healthy cooking, reading, new hobby, etc.
  • talk it out in safe space: family member or friend who will listen but also give sound advice–even when it’s not necessarily what I want to hear

What do you do when faced with a situation that is desperately in need of a magical vacuum miraculously making it all disappear?  My friend, whatever it is you’re going through in this season of your life I want you to know that you’re going to come out of it stronger, wiser, kinder, and a better version of yourself in the end.  I also want you to know that you’re not in this alone.  You’re being covered in prayer that you’ll have this peace which passes all understanding and that you’re going to be on the other side quickly.

Until next time my friend,



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