To my shock and awe this topic is one that I have yet to tackle.  This will also most likely not be the last time we discuss this topic since it’s kind of a big deal.  Consistency.  What an evil four syllable word. A word that has the ability to embody so many emotions that can truly run the gamete: happiness from times in which I’ve been on the consistent bus; annoyance when I feel consistency has left me and found another friend to play ball with; frustration when I feel consistency and I are in this on again/off again romance and somehow cannot get our timing right no matter how hard we try (well I try…no idea what the poop consistency is doing–I kid, because ultimately it is up to me).  I have a sneaking suspicion I am not alone in my feelings over here….at least humor me and tell me I’m not alone?!? Please? Anyone? Bueller?

According to the online Cambridge English Dictionary to be consistent is “acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.”  Additional definitions of consistent thanks to my strenuous Google skills (side note: what did we ever do before Google?!?) “always behaving or happening in a similar, especially positive, way;” “marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity;” “being in agreement with itself; coherent and uniform;” “reliable; steady.”  In a nutshell, if one is going to be described as being consistent or having consistency it sounds like quite a task, doesn’t it?  Something that will require some hard work.  In essence, a challenge.  Well, that is because it is all of the above. Being consistent will be a challenge and will be a lot of hard work; daily, hard work striving towards the goal.

Anything that we set our minds to achieving whether that be in our home life, work life, social life, emotional life, or spiritual life will require hard work, dedication, and you guessed it consistency.  Consistency is hard and there is no sugar coating it.  You want the promotion at work–you had better be consistent with your performance.  You want to have solid grades in school–you had better be consistent with your studying.  You want to build lean muscle tissue–you had better be consistent in your workouts.  You want to lower your overall body fat percentage–you had better be consistent in your nutrition.  You want to better the relationships you have with your family and friends–you had better be consistent in your genuine interaction and contact with those special folks.  You want the relationship you have with Jesus to be stronger–you had better be consistent in the time spent in the Word.  Want to know a secret?  My consistency has failed in each and every one of the examples I have provided.  Not necessarily a crash and burn type of fail; but it’s not been my best efforts.

The beauty in all of this is that despite all of missteps and our pitfalls, we have the ability to make the choice to dust ourselves off, stare the goal (whatever that is for you) in the face, and try again–however many times it takes.  I know I am guilty of being an “all or nothing” kind of gal and when I feel I’ve failed at something it is really difficult for me to dust myself off and try again. I wanna have a pity party and mope or point the finger of blame at anyone or anything other than really reflect on the true reason why I wasn’t consistent therefore not generating the desired result.  By taking ownership and dissecting what areas I can improve makes the entire scenario real; but in being real and through our missteps and failures we hopefully learn how to improve.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”-Jim Watkins

“Consistent action creates consistent results.”-Christine Kane

Set the goals; work hard; be consistent; and ultimately, the reward will be grand.  The road won’t always be easy and I can promise you’ll have instances in which you’ll want to give up; but, persevere.  Continue on the journey working diligently towards that goal–I’m in the trenches with you and we can come up alongside one another for support.

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