“Frantically busy; hectic; insane; crazed; wild; unhinged….” these are just a few of the lovely synonyms for manic OR basically everything that a Mama may be feeling come any Monday morning.  There used to be this achievable image of a calm breakfast table full of freshly squeezed orange juice, fluffy pancakes (made from scratch), and crisp bacon with faces ready to tackle their respective days ahead smiled appreciatively back at you.  Then, you receive a peck on the cheek from your main squeeze as he is off to work and the child(ren) willingly and happily get into the car/bus/walk and are happily off to school.

The REALITY –you hit snooze on one of the alarms you’ve set (much to your husband’s dismay) one too many times because the bed is that much cozier on a  Monday morning after the heater wasn’t working too well taking the chill out of the room.  Begrudgingly you toss the covers to the side and evacuate the bed nearly missing the sleeping pup who, while you love her too, always seems to find the one place to lay that is the most inconvenient.  Then, when coaxed to move looks at you with such disdain you question who is really in charge.  You then proceed to gently and lovingly wake the child(ren) when they growl like a bear deep in hibernation that they do not want to get up and they’re not going to school today. The battle has begun.  Finally, they’re up and quasi-dressed.  You proceed to toss something of nutritional value in their general direction (both the child and the pooch) and hope one of them eats it up. Next up is ensuring that all backpacks have their necessary and required bits and pieces and that maybe after the 62nd time you’ve told them to get their shoes and jackets on they’ve actually complied and done so.  You’ve finally made it out the door towards your mode of getting said child(ren) to/from school when one of them pipes up and needs to use the potty just one more time.  Those deep breathing techniques meant to calm oneself are not working–you then think, “maybe I should’ve read the entire article instead of just skimming it” (but who has time for that).  Finally, you’re off.  No music for your ride though, you get the sweet melodious notes of children yelling at one another for looking out the wrong window, or for touching their seat, or for simply breathing the same air without asking permission.  Then, you see it.  The school off in the distance–you’re nearly there, you can make it.  Pulling up or walking up to the drop off location you send each kiddo on their way to tackle another day in the school yard trenches of reading, writing, and arithmetic; hoping that yes, they learn all there is to know; but more importantly that they’re not total jerks to the other kids or their teacher (and that no one bites anyone).

Now, the real battle begins–the race against time and the never ending to do list.  I don’t care if you’re a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, or working outside the home mom–you’ve got a to do list that is at least a mile long and never seems to end.  Just as quickly as you cross a task off the list, three more have somehow found their way onto it.  I wish I had the answers to the questions we all have on how we are going to navigate this season of life, but sadly I don’t.  I do know that whether you’ve one child or eight children, work outside the home or inside the home; we all have our battles and crosses to bear and are ultimately in need of unapologetic support.  Truth be told, no one has their respective poop in a group–so, don’t worry if you feel like you’re hanging on by a thread.  We all are, or have been, or will be hanging on for dear life soon.  I’m simply here to say….solidarity sister, give a little fist bump, and a smile of encouragement that we will all look back at this season of life one day and ask ourselves A) “how did I/we survive?” and B) “weren’t they just babies?”

So, if today you’re feeling like Monday is kicking ya in the teeth…..take a deep breath and a swig of coffee–YOU GOT THIS.

Until next time…



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