Obedience…not quite a “four letter word”

Hello again!

I know; I know.  It’s been far too long since my last post.  Far too long and for that I apologize.  Again, this is me assuming people are actually taking time from their busy schedules and lives and reading this jumbled up mess of words and thoughts of mine.  So, for those 3 of you who are…I sincerely apologize for not writing more frequently.  I will be working on my consistency in this area (along with so many other areas of life–haha).  A constant work in progress; I tell you what.  But aren’t we all? I always feel that I must be inspired or have some perfect thought provoking topic in mind when I write these blog entries; but I guess, technically don’t need to feel the movement of the Holy Spirit deep in my bones and have some massive “alter call style moment” with each and every post.  However, all that being said, I do need to be diligent on my consistency.

Which totally segues us into today’s “topic” of (the imaginary drum roll sound is heard here by the way): obedience.  I was chatting with a friend earlier this week and we were sharing some things that were going on with us and the loveliness of obedience came up in our conversation.  Each of us slightly cringed at the word.  Why does the word ‘obedience’ hold such a power that two grown women would somewhat shudder and then begin a bit of whining at the shear mention of the word?  I”ll tell you why; because typically when someone mentions obedience, alongside obedience comes it’s annoying little friend “hard work” and their third wheel “uncomfortable.”  Who likes to have to work hard at something and throughout all the hard work feel uncomfortable?!?!  NO ONE.  That’s who.  Not a single one of us likes to be made to feel anything but cushy and cozy.  By definition, obedience is “compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.”  That doesn’t sound too terribly scary does it?!?  (Raspberry sound is now heard here….) However, when the application of being obedient comes into the picture…there in lies the messy discomfort.

I know that this is an area in which I struggle.  I have so many goals and aspirations for myself, but none of those will come to fruition if I’m not obedient to the hard work that comes alongside.  Throughout the process of making those goals a reality, I’ll also likely become uncomfortable at some point.  The real question is, will the momentary discomfort due to hard work and being obedient be worth it? Generally the answer to that question is a resounding yes. For example, if the goal is to earn your doctorate degree you’re going to have to be obedient and study.  You’re going to have to put hard work into your papers and exams because unless they’ve changed something, universities are not just handing out diplomas these days.  If the goal is you want to build your brand or your business to the next level, you’re going to have to be obedient and put in the hard work day in and day out–even if you don’t “feel like it.” The world is not going to simply hand you your dream life on a silver platter.  You have got to go out there and as Tim Gunn would say “make it work.”   **Notice he said…work.

So, where are you struggling to find your obedience?  Full transparency here from yours truly.  I am struggling with being obedient on a load of things (the list is seriously really long–a tad ridiculous actually but here are a few at the top): daily quiet time, adhering to my daily macros, posting to this blog consistently (shocking…I know), reading more, less time with my face in a screen, etc.  We all have areas in which we know we are being challenged to obediently change.  With obedience comes hard work and some discomfort, but inevitably it also opens us up for a multitude of possibilities we may never have had otherwise.  Today, I challenge you to make your list, however long it may be, in areas you feel God may be calling you to be obedient.  Write them down.  Share them with a friend.  Get them out of your mind and out in the open so you’re not alone on the journey.  Being obedient is going to be hard; but we don’t have to do it alone.  WE can come up alongside one another and support one another as we go through the process of becoming more obedient to the purpose for which we each have been called.

Until next time (which will be a lot sooner than later–#obedience),



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