Hello friend and watch out now….another blog post?!?! Booya!!!!!  Haha!  Last week when I talked about being more obedient I meant it.  This is one of the areas where I want and need to be obedient.  So…I’m staying true to my word.  (Although, I will be asking for a bit of grace as I’ll be away for a bit…so…bear with me, please.)

“Inspiration and information without personal application will never amount to transformation.”-Lysa TerKeurst and her sock ya right between the eyes, in all the good for you ways, devotional book: “Uninvited.” (It’s a really great book if you’re looking for a new one or just want to give devotions a try. )  How true is that statement?  How many times have you felt inspired only to let that feeling fizzle resulting in zero actions made?  We live in a world where information is literally at our fingertips and yet somehow we can’t put the changes we want to see from ourselves into motion.  Lysa is absolutely correct; we can have all the inspiration and information in the universe, but without application it all goes for nothing.  If we don’t apply what we know or what inspires us then we won’t see the transformation we may be striving to achieve.

So how do we go about putting this application into motion you ask?  Well how is this for a real life scenario.  Picture this…sorry, I couldn’t help myself with a good ‘ole Sophia Patrillo Golden Girls reference.  We are going to be doing some traveling coming up and that means my regular workout and nutrition routine will be different.  Some may say, oh don’t worry about it; you’ll be on vacation it’s a time to relax and unwind.  That’s all true; but for me, when I get my workout done and am eating mindfully I feel better therefore am in a better mood.  Just ask my husband or the child what happens when the workouts are few and far between and the nutrition hasn’t been solid–haha!  You may be thinking to yourself, well, what are you going to do?  Why, I am so glad you asked!  There are a few things that I tend to do regularly to ensure I can get my workouts in and that my nutrition is relatively solid without missing out on the local cuisine.

  • Pack workout clothes–if you’ve already got them with you, you’re less likely to skip the workout entirely because you’ve got the gear ready and waiting.
  • Travel equipment–I’ve got in my arsenal of equipment resistance loops, bands, and sliders.  These items are great in that they’re light and do not take up that much space in your suitcase and provide resistance in case where you’re staying doesn’t offer a fitness facility.

  • Online workouts–YouTube is a great place to find easy and free online workout options.**  One in particular that I enjoy is Millionaire Hoy .  He organizes his workouts by duration, equipment or no equipment, and intensity making navigating his page easier.  Granted there are loads available in the world wide web, but this is one that I personally have done numerous times and can attest it’s a solid one.  Another option, if HIIT style training isn’t your bag and you’re more inclined to do Yoga/Pilates/stretching is Yoga with Adrienne . She offers the same organization for her Yoga workouts and one key component for me is her voice does not get annoying and she doesn’t take it too seriously.
  • Accountability–this may be more difficult when you’re traveling, but maybe make it a group effort and encourage those around you to join you in your workout before the day of sight seeing begins.
  • Nutritional Navigation–when we travel we have been lucky enough to be visiting other countries in which part of the experience is enjoying the local cuisine.  However, I try my best to always find a lean protein option, vegetables, and quality carbohydrates to fill my plate.  Now, don’t get me wrong if we find ourselves in Italy, France. Spain, Germany, etc. you best believe that the culinary delights that particular region is known for will be at the very least tasted by yours truly–I mean c’mon Mama didn’t raise no fool here. (80/20 people….80/20)
  • Water–consume as much, if not more, as you would when home.  This will help keep your sodium levels in check, your regularity, yup it all comes back to poop around here, thereby leaving you feeling less bloated, and the whole system properly hydrated.  Bottom line water is just that stellar for you; so, drink up.
  • Accomodations–if you’re staying in a hotel in which you’ve access to a fridge or even a full or half sized kitchen, swing through the local grocery store and pick up some items you’d typically have at home.  Then you’re doing yourself two things–saving a little bit of money because you’re not eating out at every meal and you’re saving your nutrition by knowing exactly what is going into your body.

These are just a few tips I have to keep your goals on target even when you’re traveling. But back to the accountability component.  Typically, I will pack my workout clothes and the travel equipment whenever we travel and I’ll be good for a few days during our trip, but then it tends to trickle off the more into the trip we get.  I mean ya’ll know we all end up needing a vacation from the vacation when we return home?!?!  To hold me more accountable throughout our upcoming trip I want YOU to help me.  I am going to do my very best to workout daily–maybe even get some of the family to join along with me–while we are away and fill my plate with solid lean proteins, vegetables, and quality carbohydrates with the majority of my meals.  Follow along on IG ( handle: erinr511 ) and I’ll post my accountability there for all to see.  That way…you will know if I am being diligent in my own application to ensure I achieve the goals I have set for myself.

If we want to see the transformation we must take that inspiration and information and apply it to our daily lives.  How will you apply your inspiration and information?

Until next time…

-E (Romans 12:2)

**Please consult with your primary care physician before engaging in any form of physical activity and/or prior to making any dietary changes.**


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