“Your calling is where your burdens and your talents collide”–Rebekah Lyons via Annie F. Downs. (100 Days of Brave)

Whenever I come to this space I feel compelled to have a very well orchestrated plan of what I am going to share or say. That each time there must be something poignant. That if you’ve taken the time to read through this and time is such a precious commodity, well it had better be worth it. However, I also need to remember that I am not a pastor, an author, nor a writer; BUT I am a vessel in which maybe God can use me and this mumbled up jumbled up blog to stir something within each of us for His glory. So, here we go–well articulated or not:

“What is your calling?”

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

These two questions, you may be thinking, are the same. Wanna know something? They’re not. I truly believe your calling is that constant presence; that gnawing feeling deep in your gut you can’t seem to shake. That step of faith that most likely will have you waaaaaaaayyyyyy out side of your comfort zone and into uncharted territory, but equally you feel a sense of peace and calm that doesn’t quite make sense. Whereas ‘what will you be when you grow up’ are all the opportunities you have to implement your calling.

In college I was asked something to the effect of what wanted out of life–you know the more sophisticated “what do you want to be when you grow up.” (It was college, that person had likely just taken their first philosophy class or something.) Without hesitation I answered, “I want to be needed.” Looking back on my answer, maybe this is actually the calling God has placed on my heart. You see, when you’re needed this means there is an area in which you could provide help. You have the opportunity to come up alongside another person, a situation, a scenario and offer your assistance. Now, I really have no clue as to the ‘how’ or the ‘method’, but maybe I have the zeroed in on the calling? In case you were thinking I had this all figured out…I don’t.

How are we to know if that feeling is actually our calling? I like the analogy Annie F. Downs uses in her book, 100 Days to Brave, “Your calling is the ingredient in the kitchen, and your dreams are all the ways you can use that ingredient.” This just hit home for me and made so much sense. Think of an ingredient, let’s use chicken. How many different recipes are out there that use chicken? Probably a bazillion. (Yes, that is actually a mathematical term.) Each recipe has the ability to reach a different person because of it’s unique flavor. Ya’ll, that’s us! WE each have been given a specific calling. WE each have been given specific opportunities to reach different people because WE each have a unique flavor. WE each have been gifted a set of talents, so we can come up alongside those around us where only our talents can cut through the noise and reach that specific person.

This last weekend I attended a women’s conference held at our church. It ticked all the boxes–music, shopping area, photo booths, swag and of course food! Who doesn’t love snacks?! One of the speakers, Holly Wagner, used the analogy of the puzzle piece–which I had heard before–but her approach made a deeper impact. Every woman was to take a single puzzle piece out of a bucket. As the women were doing this, Holly Wagner asked the group what the most frustrating aspect of doing a puzzle. The answer was unanimous–when you complete the puzzle only to find you’re missing ONE piece. You see we are all a piece of God’s puzzle. His masterpiece. Each of us unique in how we have been made; each of us important to the overall puzzle; each of us offers value; but most importantly each of us matters. Without all of the pieces…the puzzle isn’t complete.

You and I have each been given a calling on our lives. Equipped with all we will ever need in order to properly answer and execute the tasks set before us. If we are all key components to ensure God’s masterpiece is complete, how will you and I ensure no piece is left out?

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  1. I love how your mind spins your words and your thoughts.  And thoughts become things, you know.  This “heathen-ish” lady always gets good advice from you, something to think about.  So I thank you! Ellen Cochran  704-726-8504

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