A "do it anywhere there aren't any people" type of workout…

Hello there, friend! I hope you’re finding this day (whatever day you’re reading this post) to be one full of calm, grace, and patience. However, if you’re reading this and about to, as I often say, lose your doodie–that is totally fine too.

The season we are currently in is one full of uncertainties. Full of constantly changing information; full of differing opinions which more often than not leave us feeling overwhelmed. Each of us is facing new challenges as this time of unknowns carries on. Some of us it is working from home; teaching our children who are distance learning; or for some it’s the daily struggle of maintaining some sort of normalcy amidst the chaos that is the biggest struggle.

Well, I got to thinking what skills I have that could assist in normalizing this truly abnormal time of social distancing when it is imperative for us all to remain as much at home as is possible. Some of you may know while others don’t that while I am a certified sports nutritionist, I am also a certified group fitness instructor and teach fitness classes regularly throughout the week. Well, like many facilities, the classes I teach are currently on hold until we are all on the other side of this virus. So this has led me to do something very much outside of my comfort zone and that is–attempt leading group fitness classes virtually.

Yep. I got my very exclusive “garage gym” all set up this morning and recorded a workout that can be done in multiple rounds to create an hour long workout or you can simply go through it once and knock out a solid 20 minute bodyweight HIIT. My goal is to periodically provide workouts that can be accomplished either using just bodyweight or what one may have in a modest home gym set up. Moving our bodies is not only proven beneficial for our physical health, but for many it also proves to be imperative for mental health. During this time of uncontrollable variables, taking the reigns of what we can control–how & when we move our bodies–can provide a calm midst the storm.

So, click on the link(s) provided which will take you over to my YouTube channel & to the Faith Family Fitness Facebook page (for live workouts) and knock out your own workout. My channel isn’t fancy and I do have room to improve my videographer skills. But, what I can promise is you’ll get sweaty and maybe laugh a time or two all while getting your body, mind, and spirit healthier, all while also practicing that ever so important social distancing. It is all of our jobs to ensure our country and our world become healthy again.

I appreciate each of you for taking the time to read, subscribe, and participate in this new journey with me! We are all on an adventure together full of new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Faith Family Fitness Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/faithfamilyfitns/

Faith Family Fitness YouTube Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZSoFYGJPIuLKfCIvJft8Q?

Go to the YouTube page; click subscribe; let’s do this!

Until next time,



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