A Letter…

 Last week we chatted about my “love” of change (yes that is sarcasm); well, this week I am going to do something that I have been somewhat been avoiding–not fully avoiding per se, but hesitant to tackle.  The “something” has to do with the major life change my little family experienced a few short months ago resulting in my comfort bubble being popped.  For those who may be new to the blog or to my story I’ll provide the short-ish version (I had a high school teacher tell me I could filibuster with the best of em….I think she may have been right.) I digress.  Prior to our move, I had the privilege of “working” in a fitness studio that is like no other.  I use quotes on working because it never felt like work; sure there would be times in which I would be tired, but as soon as I’d see those familiar and new faces smiling ready to tackle the workout OR elated at their new found confidence due to achieving a goal they’d set–I would be rejuvenated.  So, I will try my hardest to convey what has been on my heart…
Where to begin?  How does one even begin to appropriately convey how much positive impact another person has had on their life so far?!?!  Seriously, Hallmark really does make a card for almost everything and yet I’ve not found a single card that seems fitting.  One person who has caused such an impact that the course of my life was changed for the better?  One person who, as a result of their willingness to take a chance, I was given the opportunity to start an entirely new career.  One person who introduced me to other women in the fitness profession who have motivated, mentored, and encouraged me to be better.  One person, who introduced me to a sea of new people and thus deep rooted life time friendships developed.  How does one truly say thank you for the positive effect and impact this friend, this sister, has made on my life? I’m still trying to figure that out.
You see when the Lord above introduced me to Mrs. Naviere Walkewicz, He knew what He was doing.  That I was going to need some fierce support during this season of my life–during this change–and I was gonna need to take a page out of this gals book on how to be tenacious; on how to hustle; on how to be fearless–even when its scary.  This woman, almost five years ago, opened her own fitness studio, Fitssentials (http://www.fitssentials.com), in Bellevue, NE.  Talk about major life change.  Talk about having some guts.  Talk about having the passion and confidence in what you’re doing to take a risk.  She opened the doors and the local community and I have never been the same since.  You see, Naviere genuinely wants the best possible outcome for those she interacts with;  this trait is embodied, not just within the studio walls, as a result of her unwavering leadership, but also within the members themselves.
Let’s talk about those members, shall we…the overwhelming feeling when you walk into the studio is: excitement.  Excitement for the upcoming workout, albeit once the harder moves begin the excitement turns into exhaustion, but excitement nonetheless. The people who walk in and out of Fitssentials are by far some of the most incredible and selfless people with equally incredible life stories that I have ever met.  Each has made such a positive impact and imprint on not just my life, but the life of the child and the husband.  One prime example is through your gracious acceptance that when you saw me in studio, you also saw the child.  Being able to bring the child to studio was such a huge blessing.  Ya’ll embraced her and showed her love…thank you.
You see, before Fitssentials, I had never even fathomed leading fitness classes; shoot, I had hardly even taken any group fitness classes.  I cut my teeth at Fitssentials; was guided and mentored by the best, in my obviously non-biased opinion.  I was given an opportunity that changed my path for the better; an opportunity which has afforded me the ability to be the stay at home mama, wife to the husband AND still have my own career.  You embraced our family; you allowed me to be me (goofiness, quirks, really bad jokes and all); you challenged me to be better;  you all have helped me grow.
Meeting Naviere when I was newly pregnant taking her Zumba class at the base community center was not a rare chance meeting–it was a divine intervention.  I have no doubt on that; our paths were meant to cross.  The blessings to me and my family as a result of meeting this power house woman are infinite.  To my dear sister and those of Fitssentials, with a heart of the utmost gratitude and humility…..I say thank you; although it will truly never be nearly enough.
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17
PS: I still have my key…


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